Pizza Stone

Cooking Pizzas With Stone Bakeware

THe Best Place To Buy A Pizza Stone

First Find Your Familiar Options

Hundreds of reviewers have praised the Old Stone Oven 14-x-16 Baking Stone, which is conveniently sold by Amazon. The advantage of buying from Amazon is that they run a tight ship so you worry less about shipments getting lost, payments not going through, and hidden charges on shipping from warehouse to your home. Got a problem with the product? The company has made it real easy to ship packages back as long as they are unopened.

Second Check Out The Specialty Stores

So where can one buy or get a pizza stone? Start first with quality stores. The quality specialty manufacturer we have in mind as an example is the Fibrament. It is shaped in a rectangle but not fixed to a particular size. There are some popular sizes which some people eschew in favor of custom-cut dimensions. This means that for those with very large commercial-sized ovens, it is possible to get a slab that exceeds 15 inches in diameter. The Fibrament pizza stone is thought to be made from high grade materials, resulting in a denser and slightly thicker product. Yet it is not so bulky to be hard to lift and place in the oven.

Third Look For Other Retailers

Another company that is well known is the French retailer Emile Henry which sells the unusual ceramic Flame Line. It is circular with a smooth ceramic, glazed-like surface. Since it is glazed you may wash it with soap and water after using to keep it clean. Many argue that the porous stone gives a more traditional texture to the baked pizza. Dense, thick stones have the important advantage of retaining more heat and therefore prolonged, even transfer to the pizza or bread. The company says that its materials are NSF-rated so that they are safe enough to act as a cooking surface. This underscores the importance of using a product with a known, safe composition which one does not get with make-shift granite slabs and terra cotta tiles. Who knows what's in the tiles?

Next Check Out Online Retailers

The one that springs to mind first is because there are a few stones (but not really a lot) for sale there. Our own site reviews one of them under best pizza stone. The advantage of using Amazon is that one can do comparison shopping of several products. If the product is famous (or infamous), there will be a number of reviews that indicate the quality and performance. The reviews themselves will give specific indications of what is good or bad about each product. The disadvantage is that not all retailers sell through Amazon. In fact, the selection of specialty kitchen items still remains rather thin.

Brick And Mortar Is A Solid Bet

High-end kitchenware and houseware stores will usually carry cookware like baking or pizza stones. Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Williams-Sonoma are three examples of nationwide chains which purvey such products. Bed Bath and Beyond sells a round one with chrome handles. The handles are unfortunately only useful when moving the product in and out of the oven, but not during cooking. It should be preheated in the oven to a high temperature for a long time before ready to cook a pizza. Insufficient preheating means a soggy pizza, as attested by many reviews. After cooking, it should be left in the oven to cool, as it is much too hot to use as a serving surface. For those who find it sticking to the cooked dough, just put a parchment or baking sheet underneath. Such a thin piece of paper will have zero impact on the quality of baking.

General Wholesale And Retailers

There is a small chance your local supermarket will carry specialty kitchen cookware; but it is definitely known that the mega-chain wholesaler Costco carries a round stone for baking. The price will be lower than any other place you can find with the drawback being a fairly limited selection. In fact, don't be surprised if you find only one type for sale. If you're not into mega-chains like Costco, consider mainstream home department stores like Sears. Sears has many different kinds of kitchenware including hard-to-find specialty wares. One thing to note is that the slabs from general retailers and wholesalers are a bit thinner than usual, leading to poorer heat retention and therefore greater variation in temperature or heatloss when the oven door is opened. Some people also report that thinner slabs are less tolerant of abuse and tend to crack easily.

A pizza stone is smoothed stone made of terracotta or other clay material which permits even heating of pizzas for a crisp texture.

Use a pizza peel (paddle) to put item in or take them out of the large capacity oven.

An outdoor wood-fired oven is perfect for hot days when indoors cooking is unecessarily hot.